Thursday, May 14, 2009

Clever Toys from Kidsonroof

Kidsonroof are Romy Boesveldt and Ilya Yashkin who design clever toys while living in the south of France with their 3 kids.
I can see children spending countless hours playing and creating - and learning! - with these toys.
Click on the picture to visit their shop.


Tania said...

OOOH yes - I know the stuff! I recently purchase some building bits online for a small Dutch friend. Great reports all 'round so I was really disappointed to find I couldn't order anything for my own kidlets. (Apparently Australia is a long, long way away...)

(lovely to have you stop by!)

Madison Avenue Baby said...

Hi, Tania.
I wasn't aware that they did not ship to Australia. Too bad!
By the way, your blog is just beautiful! I've bookmarked it!

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