Sunday, September 28, 2008

Two Quick Posts

I just wanted to post a couple of quickies before I leave this morning for San Antonio.

I wanted to tell you about about Nobu. Nobu takes a picture each day with his cell phone. They are random pictures - a lot of them taken on his way to work in Funabashi City in Japan. I have learned so much just reading the daily posts. Fun! Check out Funabashi Daily Cell Phone blog.

Also, Kellie over at Don't Look Now has generously posted a tutorial for these adorable children's art smocks. How cool is that! Thanks, Kellie!
Well, I'm off. Bon voyage to me! Have a great day all of you!


nobu said...

Thanks for introducing me and my blog.
Funabashi-city is not execiting city. and my photograf is poor.
But I believe true "Japan cool" is hiding in our daily life.
I shall try to find it every day.

dvora said...

Its so cute !!!wonderful

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