Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pin Cushion Poppit

Elizabeth Holcombe's blog is a feast for the crafty eye.

She makes wonderful, vintagy things like this pin cushion poppit. Awesome cuteness!

Zakka Cuteness

I love zakka and I can't get enough of these great ideas, especially ones using giraffes and elephants and such.

This is another great idea from Zakka Life, one of my favorite new blogs.

Frozen Bananas!

Next to the egg, this is probably the most perfect food...bananas, chocolate, nuts...frozen for a hot-weather cool-down treat!
From Dinner's On Me!, which is a great place to get ideas for meals.
via The Crafty Crow


Monday, June 23, 2008

Spelling with Flickr

Check out this image of "Madison Avenue" from the coolest tool ever.
Developed by Erik Kastner using images from Flickr. Try it and you'll have a blast "Spelling with Flickr".

Alphabet Block m a card letter d I S O n-sf4

Alphabet Block a V e n-sf4 U E for Energy

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Another child's drawing-inspired this softie named Jack.

Hand sewn felt with cotton tummy.


Isn't she lovely? A child's drawing inspired this one.
Not sure what she is - a monster? an alien?
Half felt/half cotton and how do you like the applique?

Red White & Blue Dress

Sewing again.

I absolutely love how this this dress turned out!

I made it without a pattern. It's just rectangles sewn together with a yoke. I made the bias bits for the straps from the same fabric.

My mom gave me the fabric and the lace ruffle trim came from a bag of stuff I bought at a thrift shop some time ago.

The trim was in a bag full of the most wonderful finds. In addition to this lace were vintage buttons, rick rack, a bodkin and tons of other stuff. I think I paid about $4 for the whole bag. Some of the trim was from Wright's and had a price tag of 45 cents. Can you imagine?

By the way, my very talented sister made the art doll in this picture.

Recycle Betty

This is Betty.
I made this softie from a very nice sweater that was too small for me and I could not bear to get rid of.
The sweater, which I used for Betty's body, is a combination of cotton/poly/angora and is so soft. Betty's a tiny little thing, she is just barely 5" tall. Her scarf, cap and diaper are made of cotton fleece and are sewn on.

Are you making softies? I would love to see them>
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