Monday, November 3, 2008

Williamsburg Winery Event with Lynne Rosetto Kasper

After our visit to Colonial Williamsburg we headed to the Williamsburg Winery. I worked with the Winery and WHRO's Development Dept. to set up an event where Lynne Rosetto Kasper, host of The Splendid Table, came to speak. We had a very good crowd. The Winery is a beautiful place. Herby played for the crowd and they loved him. I had my picture taken with Lynne. She was gracious and also very funny. We talked about - what else - food and wine.
Approaching Wessex Hall
Some of the WHRO crowd

Lynne Rosetto Kasper

Lynne speaks to the crowd

Lynne and me

Herby plays for the crowd.

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snowflix said...

Thank you for leaving a comment in my blog, otherwise I would have missed out this nice blog of yours.

I like the little dresses you have done, they are so sweet.

I am quite hopeless with cloth, so I will always come in to admire your works.

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