Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

Apparently everyone's more than ready to welcome Spring. Here are some inspiring images I wanted to share with you:
From Ciel D'Orage
From Fils et Ficellles
From Fantastic Toys with downloadable pdf file
Spring Colors from Fee un Voeu
Fleur Fatale
Spring is the time of year when everyone starts to feel hopeful again. Flowers blooming, warm breezes, promise of warmer breezes, getting outside, knowing Summer is coming, seedlings bursting open, birds nesting and Spring Cleaning. Sorry, had to throw that one in there. We are doing some major spring cleaning around here and I will feel so much better when it's finished.
Do you have any spring projects? We'd love to know about them. Send me a link or leave me a comment; I love hearing about what you're doing.


Natacha said...

I love spring too... maybe it's because I was born on april... ;-)

Madison Avenue Baby said...

I was born in April too! April 11.
Thanks for stopping by, Natacha.

Meria said...

thank you very much for my picture and Happy Spring to you!

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