Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spin Spin Handmade Linen Leaves Tea Towel

Who wouldn't want to have tea right this very minute if it meant using the lovely linen tea towel from Spin Spin Handmade!spin spin handmade linen leaves tea towel
By the way, I think we Americans really missed the boat when we dropped the tea tradition. Does anyone (other than the Plaza) serve tea regularly in the US? I remember that a China tea set was a very popular gift for a little girl when I was growing up. I think I still have mine at my mom's house.
I think our lives would be so much better if we took a break every afternoon for some tea and snacks. Don't you?


nobu said...

Yes, It's nice to have a afternoon tea.
( I have a tea several times in a day)

Madison Avenue Baby said...

Of course you do, Nobu! Who is more famous for their tea than the Japanese!?
I drink coffee all day but there is no "ceremony" to it.

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