Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vintage Stool Redo

This is my decoupaged stool. I used the comics pages from the Sunday newspaper to cover it.

My neighbors put the stool out for the trash and I snagged it. They haven't seen the "new" version yet. Sorry I don't have "before" pictures but it was basically a gray metal stool with lots of paint spatters and stains. Not worth the work it would have taken to "restore" it. But I loved the shape and size of it so....

So, I decoupaged it and then added several coats of acrylic because it will live in my kitchen and I need to be able to wipe it off. I added the little black feet to the legs so they wouldn't scratch the floor.

Here's what the back looks like. It was tricky getting the paper into all those crevices, but - if you get it wet enough the paper mold itself to the surfaces.
So - what do you think? Easy weekend project (have to allow for dry time between coats of decoupage and acrylic).


Cristiana said...

Hi Dawn, I am in love all your works!!!
I am totally new in the world of decoupage but we just moved to Fiji and I urgently needed kitchen stools so I bought second end metal ones. They are slightly rusty so I would like to paint them white and make a Fijian motive with fabric or paper using the decoupage technique but I don't know were to start from. I probably need to find a paint for metal first but what do I do with the rust? Then use a glue like Vinavil glue to attach the fabric or paper and then I don't know...
Please help!

Dawn Newsome said...

Hi and thank you. They make some great paints now that paint over rust. Clean it then spray paint. I know Rustoleum is a good brand.
Good luck!

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