Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Decorate a Camper in Red White & Blue

This is the most beautifully decorated camper I have ever seen. Can you believe this is the inside of a camper!? I would definitely think seriously about camping if I had this rig.
I've never even been camping, which is a shame because I live near the Atlantic Ocean, the Outer Banks and the Smoky Mountains - all places people who love camping would kill to visit.

Edit: I had originally posted a link for more pictures of this camper, but it's no longer available. The travel company's site from which I originally posted the link is here. No more pictures there any longer, but hope you enjoy these!


Cindi Pate said...


Astri said...

I know your post is from 2008 - but this is amazing and I hope you receive this comment. I would love to use the photos and refer toyour post this on my blog; www.appleblossomdreams.blogspot.com. I was unable to hook-up with anything about the camper in the link on your post.

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