Monday, July 14, 2008

Vintage Post Card Tags

Vintage postcards made into tags.

This tag and lots of other great ones, from the Polka Dot Barn were made from scanned vintage post cards by artist Jan Thomason.

There are some for sale in her Etsy shop. This one is $6 for a set of 3. Others I saw ranged from $1.50 up. What a great way to really make a gift extra special with one of her tags.


jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

Donna - THANK YOU - how sweet of you to post about my tags.
I'm speechless.
Okay, well, maybe not speechless, but close!
The one you showed is 6.00 but you get a set of those for the 6.00 - not just that one:)
That's better, huh!
I'm still working on getting some more listed and I thank you so much for the post!
I think I may just have to put your blog on my favorites list!!

warmly, jan
the Polka Dot BARN (farms are nice, but we're ranchers, so it's the Polka Dot BARN, not farm:)
Very close.


Madison Avenue said...

Thanks, Jan. I love your blog and have listed it in my favorites.

Madison Avenue said...

Jan - so sorry about the name mix up. I fixed it on the post link and also corrected the pricing. I think the one card is worth $6 - much better as a set of 3!
You're also listed in my blog list now. Thanks again for your nice comments.

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