Saturday, October 4, 2008

Make Your Own Powder Puff

Here's a great idea from The Natural Beauty. You can use various ingredients and scents, whatever appeals to you. You'll find more information on how to make the powder from Emmy on The Natural Beauty web site. Here's how to make the puff:

To make your own powder puff you'll need the following supplies:

  • 1 8" x 8" swatch of plain Cotton, Terrycloth, or Bamboo Fabric
  • 1 8" x 8" swatch of Fleece or another fuzzy textured Fabric
  • 1 6" - 8" long piece of Ribbon
  • Cotton or Synthetic Batting

Creating a powder puff is easy. Simply follow the simple sewing instructions below:

  • Trace a 6 inch circle onto both pieces of Fabric, then cut them out.
  • Sandwich the Ribbon between the two circles and stitch most of the way around the outer edges, leaving about an inch of the circle open.
  • Turn the circle inside out and stuff it with batting.
  • Using a slip stitch, close the opening on the puff.
Thanks to Emmy for the great idea.

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Mammie said...

Hello And Good Day....Happy Mother's day too. I want to just say Thank You so Much for directions to make a powder puff. I've been wanting one, so I decided to see if I can make one. Your directions are very easy to follow.
Thanks Again
Penny B

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