Sunday, April 19, 2009

Paper Gown by Darla Teagarden

Every once in a while I come across something amazingly different and creative. (Click on the photo to see it up close.)
Who thinks like this?
Darla Teagarden. Darla is a photographer and creator of this amazing gown called "Lover's Eyes Dolce Masquerade Gown."
On her MySpace page, about the gown: "different styles of ''lovers eyes'' focused into the center of hundreds of white paper cupcake ruffles...An asymmetric hem and organic-like
cascade.... A top Miss Evelynn's head, a glass glittered sculptured
( paper mâché) pink rabbit & bow".
Beautiful and inspiring.
You can see more of Darla's work on her MySpace page, Darla Teagarden's Cupcake Ruffle Lover's Eye Gown
Found via Ullabenulla (great find!)


Loralynn said...

Okay, I'm sorry, but I find this rather disturbing in a creepy kind of way...

Madison Avenue Baby said...

I hear you, Loralynn. I guess it's what you call thought provoking art.
Thanks for your comment.

TheDecoDetective said...

I think it's cool, but if you view it as a real gown, of course it becomes slightly disturbing. I like that the model looks like a doll, but not quite like a mannequin either...

Never mind the comments publishing mistake - I just posted the initial comment. I've done stranger things myself! It's a bit confusing that Blogger's got three options for comment forms, and all three have the possibility for comment moderation and/or word verification. That makes--- well, countless variations for blog readers...

Anonymous said...

I love it

darla said...

A nice fan sent me this link. When i get a moment in between wrangling my 5 year old :) I like to thank the blogging community for sharing my works! Thank you:)

This was fun to make and photograph hangs in my studio awaiting an installation series.

Be sure to stop in periodically for more works...

Have a wonderful summer !

Darla Teagarden

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