Saturday, April 11, 2009

Paper Sculpture: Helen Musselwhite

Beautiful paper sculpture from Helen Musselwhite.
Helen, from the UK, uses bright colors and strong lines in each wonderful piece of her highly-individual paper sculptures.
I can't even imagine the patience one must have to do something like this.
But I do love paper and I think I might try my hand at this sort of thing - on a much, less detailed scale to start with.
Here - enjoy some of Helen's ab fab work. (By the way, notice the Janet Bell influence in that Harbour Tide piece. LOVE Janet Bell!)


Loli said...

thank you for your comment.
This works is beautiful.
She has very art.

Janet said...

Incredible and beautiful! She must have a steady hand.

Helen M said...

Thank you for featuring my work!
You're right about the Janet Bell influence!
I did this piece and a couple of others similar for her gallery.

urban craft said...

great feature! love the house in the woods.

kawaii crafter said...

The harbor tide piece is my favorite, just beautiful.

kristinco said...

Quel joli monde magique !
J'adore ces créations faites de papier !!!
Ta bannière est splendide aussi

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