Friday, May 8, 2009

Bookmarked: she.likes.cute Kawaii Crafts

I have so many blogs bookmarked that I would be embarassed to tell you how many.
I thought I might share some with you, my lovely readers.
From she.likes.cute's blog:
The girl behind she.likes.cute is Alenka Wagenaar. She is a crafter, designer and illustrator who lives in Deventer, the Netherlands. This blog is all about the cute things in her life.


nobu said...

Why dose the carot cry?

Madison Avenue Baby said...

Very funny, Nobu! Made me laugh.
I don't know why the carrot cries.
Why does the caged bird sing?

Anonymous said...

Why DOES the carrot cry?! And why is the cookie upset? So not cute! Make it HAPPY!!!!

Jane Kayte Anderson said...

No one cares. It's cute. Deal with it and go back to sleep.

-Jane Kayte Anderson =P

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