Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jeu de Paume Decorating

There is something very appealing to me about the jeu de paume style of decorating.

I've never been fortunate enough to own one of the beautiful Jeu de Paume books but I've seen them all over the Internet. I could spend hours looking through them.
They are published in Japan and th
e colorful style is beautifully photographed.

I am planning to redecorate the spare room on the third floor. It was my son's room and now I want to fix it up for the children so they can have their own space when they stay over. I can really do anything I want up there because it is completely separate from the rest of the house.

I am really looking forward to creating a space that can be fanciful and colorful and magic and that they will love.

So, here is some jeu de paume inspiration for your enjoyment, randomly picked out of the blogosphere. Click on each photo to go to the source.

There's also a Flickr group devoted to this style of de
corating called Jeu de Paume Inspired.


TheDecoDetective said...

I've never heard of it! I recognize the style, of course, but I've never heard the name. Do you know what it means?

Madison Avenue Baby said...

It doesn't translate literally to decorating. The term means "racket" to us - like in tennis or racket ball.
It came out of old lawn tennis games I think.
I have tried to find out how that translated into a decorating style. The only thing I can think of is how it all relates to a sort of French, vintage, Paris apartment thing.
Hope you had a chance to see some of the photos on the links. Pretty cool.

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