Friday, December 19, 2008


I received this lovely award from my blog friend, Nobu. Nobu has several blogs but my favorite is his Funabashi Daily Cell Phone Photo blog.
He takes the most beautiful photos of Funabashi (Japan) every day as he goes about his life. His descriptions are interesting and insightful and I have learned a lot through his photos. He is a daily read for me.
Nobu also writes beautiful Haiku. Give his blog a visit and you may find yourself hooked like I am.
Thank you, Nobu


My Big Mouth said...

I am dropping by to leave a comment from Feeling Stitchy's Holiday Comment Expedition.
I have 2 grandbabies myself,one is about 6 months old,the other will be 2 in march.I can't wait for them to be older for the same reasons.However I have an 11 yr old and a 16 yr at home that love all the bright decor for Christmas so I do it anyways.
We also split Christmas up.We have half of us on Christmas Eve for a dinner and then the other half onChristmas day for dinner.Then I

Madison Avenue Baby said...

I'm glad to hear there are others besides us who have to stretch their Christmas out! Thanks for your comment...Merry Christmas.

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