Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Card for Madison

Madison's Christmas Card
Originally uploaded by Madison Avenue

I saw an old vintage postcard of a little girl dressed in a snow suit holding a stocking full of gifts and a poinsettia.
It just struck me that Madison would look adorable in such an outfit. So I was lucky to find a picture of her that I could use. I just drew on the little snow suit around her picture. I put white glitter on the "fur" parts, gold glitter glue on the suit and clear glitter glue on her cap. I also added a few glitter snow drops.

Do you think she will like it? I am hoping to mail Christmas cards the first of next week. Do you still send Christmas


Agnes Sim said...

this christmas card is so cute. I wish to have 1 also. ;-)

Madison Avenue Baby said...

Thanks, Agnes.

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