Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Inspiration

These felt Christmas tress are sorta cool. They're very colorful.
You can find the full tutorial - very nicely done I might say - over at the Thompson Family-Life blog.

I am looking forward to a couple of years from now when my grandbabies are old enough to know what's going on with Christmas and I can do really neat, colorful things like this. Right now I'm keeping it simple; here's my living room and living room mantle and here's my dining room. You can just barely see the branch I hung from the light fixture; here's a better picture here.
Maddie's only 17 months old and she's coming over today!! Yay! I made a dress for her; I'll post pictures later - that's a whole other story.

I would love some ideas on fun Christmas decorating for little ones so please leave me a comment if you know of something.


Tutta la Storia said...

Hi, I found you while bouncing around on blogs--I think from the sweater/purse tutorial? Anyhow, I love your Christmas Tree--very fun and cute! It totally reminds me of the trees my Dad still cuts down from the woods on our farm every year. I am enamored with your baby girl's Christmas dress, too. A fun craft my sister did wit my son this year was a really big Rudolph out of construction paper. You can see it by scrolling down to the "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" post on my blog. Have a wonderful Holiday!

jan said...

I love the tree! I think the light coming through and all the sparkle is very festive.

Madison Avenue Baby said...

Thanks, Jan!

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