Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Handmade Kawaii Linen & Felt

These little guys are cute enough to eat!
Evangelione makes these little guys from linen and felt. She also makes the most amazing miniatures for doll houses.
Handmade kawaii pea, lamb, elephant and linen cherries (for those who like twins) found at Evangelione's Handmade.


nobu said...

Those are really kawaii!!
Especially those lovely big eyes.

Agnes Sim said...

she is my friend also. We know each other from blog. ;-) I like her handmade stuff so much!! :p

Madison Avenue Baby said...

I can't believe I keep finding your friends, Agnes! You have some very creative friends.

Agnes Sim said...

hehe....yaya. I got lot of talented creative friends. I know them through blog too. ;-) We will gather on this sun for a bazaar. A lot of handmaker will attend this event.

some cat said...

this is officially cute

kak ude said...

can i ask something? how do you made a handmade like that? i means how you made the circle shape? ive tried but fail to made my hand made shape like this..did u put ball in that felt? i need to know

Dawn Newsome said...

kak ude,
You can use a wooden bead for a very small head, or different sizes of styrofoam balls for a larger head. It will all be covered, so it doesn't matter what you use as long as it's smooth.
Hope this helps.

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