Saturday, January 17, 2009

How To: Baby Kimono

There is something so sweet about these little baby "kimono". Amy Finlayson has generously posted a complete tutorial on how to make these on her blog Habitual. If you want to see even more examples of her kimono, check out her set on flickr.

More kimono fun:
Men's Kimono
Vintage Kimono
and, yes, even Blythe in Kimono

I learned from Nobu at Funabashi Daily Cell Phone that January 12 was Japanese Coming-of-Age Day. Here's how Nobu describes it:

It is a national holiday.( the second monday of January )
Today, "coming-of age ceremony" is held in every city(or town).
It is a ceremony for the people who reached ( or will reach ) 20 years old during current school year.
The women wear a type of kimoni called furisode. To see some pictures and read more see Nobu's post here.


nobu said...

Thanks for introduceing my article.

Madison Avenue Baby said...

Thank you, Nobu, for helping me learn about Japanese life.

valeria said...

Thanks to Nobu and thankyou, Dawn, for posting these lovely little kimonos! I still can't sew but we "inherited" a sewing machine and a dear friend will be teaching me some "basics" about the machine functions. I would LOVE to learn to make one of these kimonos for my daughter! I am going to check the sites you suggest right now. Thank you!

Agnes Sim said... cute. Thanks for sharing!! ;-)

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