Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fairy Tale Dream Nursery DIY

I just had to post some pictures of this adorable nursery. I know it's impractical for most people but you can still get some good ideas here. I just love the dreamy effect of the colors and the lighting. Want to build it yourself? At du cote de chez vous you can download a .pdf file with instructions on how to build it. You gotta love the internet!


valeria said...

It's soooo beautiful! My little one would love it!

nobu said...

Those are lovely.

Agnes Sim said...

wow...this is ur house?

Madison Avenue Baby said...

This is not my house. I wish it was! My granddaughter would love this!
Thanks for visiting.

Laume said...

Did you know that IKEA has (or at least they had last year) a series of castle themed items for children's rooms? In both "boy" and "girl" colors (I hate that they define things that way, but you understand what I mean). It was all very cute and I even got a wall lamp for myself I liked it so much.

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