Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blumshen's Easter Shop

I just love visiting Blumshen. They always have great things for the holidays and this year's Easter goodies are no exception.
They have a wide range of decorations and supplies. Easter grass (real paper) in several different colors, papier mache eggs, dye kits and lots of other cool stuff.

The Spring Hare's Special Delivery is a candy container. The rabbit's head comes off, the cart is a container and the little chick is also a container.
 Aren't the little animal picks cute? They come 144 to a pack.

The chick cut-outs are lacquer-painted cardboard with hand-painted details. Made from German molds from the 1930s.

If you've found some Easter items or crafts you would like to share with my readers leave me a comment!

Blumshen's Easter Shop
The Spring Hare's Special Delivery Candy Container: $194
Animal Party Picks - 144 pieces: $13.50
Chick Cut-Outs - Pkg of 8: $30

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