Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Remodeled Bathroom

Those of you who know me personally (Cara!) will know that we did this bathroom a while back but I thought I would put some pictures up since I have not blogged about it.

It was our first real project in our 1850s house. I wish I had "before" pictures...

What we did:
Painted. It's hard to see in the picture but the blue has a white wash over it. It was a pretty blue but just too bright, so I put several layers of white wash (white paint mixed with glaze) over it.

Replaced the floor (it was a horrible, white sheet vinyl before). We used the laminate tongue-in-groove flooring and it is a huge improvement. The floor has withstood a lot of moisture and wear and still looks good.

Built the sink cabinet from an old dresser. This was tricky (for Herby). We still had to have the drawers so we had to cut around the piping to make it work. I painted it white and added vintage hardware. I did a white mosaic tile on the top since it had to withstand being wet.

Replaced the sink, faucet and handles.

I made the backsplash with white tiles. This was to hide some ugliness in the wall behind the sink and also to allow for splashing (thus the term "backsplash").

New window shade and shower curtain.

The little black table has since been replaced with another white dresser to hold bathroom items and clothing.

Much improved!


Janet said...

Your bathroom looks beautiful. I love the use of the old dresser for the sink.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by!
The bathroom is beautiful, wonderful job :)

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