Saturday, March 7, 2009

Elizabeth Haidle

If I had one of these Santa Fe Reporter Gift Guides I would frame the cover!
Truly a work of art by designer and illustrator Elizabeth Haidle.
First of all, I have to give props to The Santa Fe Reporter for a great idea they had for the 2008 holidays. This gift guide features items that are all under $100 - plus - they are all from local shops. Love it.
So, I thought I do my little Google search for the paper's website to see if it was still there - and there it is! How exciting, I'm thinking! Oooo!, they even have .pdf files of the catalog! But do they have the cover? No.
So, if anyone out there is from the Santa Fe area and you have one of these I would love to see it.
Elizabeth designs for books and magazines and has been commissioned by the likes of Sony and Johns Hopkins University. Not bad references, huh?
Elizabeth also has a blog and this is where I found this really neat handwriting thing.
She calls it "Mystery-Ink-Faux-Ancient-Manuscript-Style-Handwriting" and explains how to get this effect. I just thought this was cool. You could do a whole manuscript this way provided you don't need to see what you're writing (thus the mystery). This would also look great on collages, greeting cards, just about anything really.
And here is my feeble attempt at recreating this process. My paper is way too white and obviously I need practice but for a first attempt, it was fun! By the way, my middle name is Elizabeth and looks much prettier when written that "Dawn".
What would you do with this idea?

Found via Creature Comforts

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