Monday, March 2, 2009

Stamp Making 3 Ways

I have been threatening to try my hand at making my own stamps. It's on the ever-expanding list of the things I want to learn. I am thinking more of using them for fabrics but I do love paper and I can see where there would be tons of ways to use them to perk up notes, cards, tags, wrapping paper and artwork.
I found this 3 Little Birdies hand-carved rubber stamp at CraftPudding.
CraftPudding makes stamps from her own, adorable drawings. They are so full of personality you just want to hug them.
Lots of you are familiar with CraftPudding's blog, I'm sure but for those of you who haven't visited you're missing out. You can also purchase CraftPudding stamps on Etsy

And here's something the folks who invented silicone caulk probably never of: silicone caulk stamps. Amazing. Amy explains how to make the stamps on her Craft Chi blog and while you're there spend some time because she has some awesome ideas and is always coming up with something new.

More great inspiration and a really nice tutorial on making eraser stamps at Geninne's Art Blog. My, my, my. Everything about this tutorial is kawaii! Love the colors, the drawings, the notes, the stamps...I want to be just like Geninne.
Have you ever made your own stamps? I would love to see what you've done!

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