Sunday, March 8, 2009

Play Stove

Play kitchens are always a winner with kids. My daughter had one she loved and when she outgrew it my son played with it. I got several years' worth of play from that kitchen.
I did a previous post about one that was handmade and a vintage one from an old Sears catalog.
This particular play stove was made from a small cabinet with drawers, MDF and paint, spotted at Dabbled. They have included complete instructions for how they made the play stove.
I love seeing people take what they already have and make something completely different from it. I also love play kitchens and I'm storing these ideas because I want to make one at some point for the munchkins (on my list).
Have you made any play kitchens or stoves? I would love to see them. Send me a link and I'll post it!
via CROQ Zine

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